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Generac Generators Columbus, Ohio

Installing a natural gas standby Generac generator is an intimidating, but simple task for Mid-Ohio Generators. In the event that your utility power goes out for more than an hour or two at time - which can happen thanks to some unfortunate circumstances such as flooding and brownouts- having one of these backup generators will give you peace of mind knowing it's there should anything go wrong again!

Generator Sizing Guide

While there are many different options for generators, it's important to figure out what size one will be needed. For example if your home only needs a few essential items powered such as washing machines and refrigerators then you can get away with something much smaller than the standard generator-sized generator. One of the largest factors to consider with a Generac generator is if you would like it to run your home air conditioning unit as well.

Generac Generator Installation

One of the first things before the generator is delivered and set on its decided location is to prep the area for the weight of the generator. The pad where it sits should be either one of two things: either concrete or another solid foundation with gravel. Gravel works better for residential generators because they can easily re-level them after years of settling down. A 600 pound machine will often fit into this type situation without any problems at all!

Once the generator is set in location, Mid-Ohio Generators will install a transfer switch. This process varies depending on what type of switch is needed for the generator/job but usually they are installed in separate conduits and run from there to your home or business with conductors for power as well as control wires connected at each end so that everything can be controlled by one device. Next, a shut-off and drip tee are installed for emergency stop and generator maintenance. This process is different and varies depending on the generator.

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