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Generac to join the S&P 500 in March

Generac Holdings will finally move into the S&P 500 near the end of March 2021. The portable and home-standby generator market has experienced a boom over the past calendar year. Generac Holdings itself has seen a meteoric rise during this time with nearly a 13 billion dollar market cap increase from the beginning of 2020.

Why the sudden increased demand? Many home owners realized how important and critical their homes became during times of crisis. The concept is that with more people working remote and being forced to spend time at home, the inconvenience of a power outage increases thus the spike in home backup generators.

2020 taught us that most luxuries and even essentials we take for granted during the "good times." Generac and Mid-Ohio Generators are here for you when your home's electric needs us. Give your family peace of mind and check out our complete product line of Generac backup home generators.

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