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5 reasons why you need a home backup generator

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

We live in the Midwest, unfortunately there are downsides that are out of our control that commonly lead to power-outages. Every year central Ohio and the surrounding states are hit by tornados, heavy snow storms and other natural occurrences that leave our homes in the dark. Except that house up the street...

That house up the street installed a home backup generator a few years ago and you know for a fact that it has never gone dark ever since. You decide, like your neighbors, that this is the year you take your home's electric into your own hands. Here are 5 reasons why your home needs a backup home generator.


1. Peace of Mind

This is probably the easiest and most obvious reason that comes to mind. You may have a home security system that brings you peace of mind in a crisis, why not add a home backup generator that removes the worry of ever losing power.


2. You work at home

2020 taught society many things, one of those things was that is a lot cheaper and efficient to have employees work from home. Electricity is a necessity in order to accomplish your tasks from home, never work about not being able to log on to that zoom call again with a home backup generator.


3. Food & Freezers

Another instant thought as soon as you see the power flicker is what am i going to do with all my perishable foods in the refrigerator and my deep freezers? A home backup generator takes this worry away, as the generator automatically clicks on when needed, always keeping your food at the perfect temperature.


4. Weather is unpredictable

Over 15 million Americans are affected by weather related power outages as and data from various studies lead to cost estimates from storm-related outages to the U.S. economy at between $20 billion and $55 billion annually. Always be prepared for anything mother-nature can throw your way with a home backup generator.


5. You have well-water

Without electricity, your well pump cannot operate and pump any water into your home. Basically, your home does not have any access to water if your home's electricity is off.


Now is the time to prepare your home for power outages with a complete home backup generator. Click here to contact us today for a free home consultation.

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