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Mid-Ohio Generators specializes in residential and commercial, generator installation and maintenance to make sure that your life is always on!

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Generator Installations

We provide the service benefits of a small family business with the track record of a larger brand. We stand behind our at-home back up Generac Generators

Service & Maintenance

With over a decade of experience of installing at-home backup generators, our service and installations reps go above and beyond to meet your needs.


Education & Information

We provide a free complete in-home or over the phone consultation that will allow you to get the generator that best fits your needs

Commercial Installations

Peace of mind is what we offer, in our generators and our service. Sleep easy knowing that your products are safely installed.

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Customer Feedback

I love this company and all that they are about the workers do amazing work. The family who runs this business has so much integrity and they do there best for the clients top notch and I would recommend them to everyone. 

Krystin Mull


Commercial & Business Backup Generators

Power outages can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. That's why it's important to be prepared. For the sake of your business and your customers, make sure you have a back-up plan and a standby solution.

A business continuity plan is essential for all companies. When your business’ ability to operate is compromised, it can cost you money. Lost revenues plus extra expenses can seriously deplete profits. And while your insurance may cover your losses, it won’t replace customers who are now doing business with your competition.