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How to Monitor Your Home While On Vacation: Harnessing the Power of Generac Mobile Link

Leaving for vacation

Taking a vacation should be a time for relaxation, fun, and rejuvenation. However, one can't help but think about the safety and security of their home while they're away. If you've invested in a backup generator, such as those provided by Generac, there's good news for you. The Generac Mobile Link allows you to remotely monitor your home's power situation, ensuring everything remains functional in your absence. Mid-Ohio Generators, based in Sunbury, OH, is here to help you understand how to utilize this powerful feature, ensuring that you vacation with peace of mind.

What is Generac Mobile Link?

Generac Mobile Link

Generac Mobile Link is a remote monitoring system that is designed to keep homeowners informed about the status of their Generac generator. Through this service, users can receive timely notifications about their generator's status, maintenance needs, and any potential issues. All this information is accessible via a mobile app or online platform, giving homeowners control and insights no matter where they are in the world.

Advantages of Generac Mobile Link When on Vacation:

  1. Real-Time Updates: If there's a power outage at home while you're away, the Mobile Link will notify you immediately, allowing you to take necessary actions or inform someone nearby.

  2. Maintenance Alerts: Keep track of your generator’s health. If it needs maintenance, you can schedule an appointment with trusted service providers like Mid-Ohio Generators, ensuring your home's power source remains reliable.

  3. Peace of Mind: Knowing the status of your home's power can be reassuring. You won't have to worry about frozen pipes, spoiled food, or security systems failing due to power issues.

How to Use Generac Mobile Link with Mid-Ohio Generators:

  1. Download the App: Once set up, download the Generac Mobile Link app from your mobile device's app store.

  2. Log in and Set Up: Use your credentials to log in and set up the app. Add your generator, customize notifications, and explore the features.

  3. Go On Vacation: Now that everything is set, you can vacation with ease. Use the app to monitor your generator's performance and status, anytime and anywhere.

Rely on Mid-Ohio Generators for Support:

Mid-Ohio Generators isn't just a service provider; we're your partner in ensuring your home remains safe and powered. With our expertise in Generac generators and the Mobile Link system, you can be assured of timely support, maintenance, and assistance. Whether you're in Sunbury, OH, or on a sunny beach in the Bahamas, Mid-Ohio Generators has your back.



The advancements in technology have granted homeowners the ability to monitor and ensure their home's security and functionality even when they're miles away. With the Generac Mobile Link system and the professional support from Mid-Ohio Generators, your next vacation can truly be worry-free. Safe travels and remember, power on, wherever you are!

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