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Home Backup Generators

Automatic Standby Generators start moments after the power goes out. When an outage hits, a backup generator detects the outage and begins supplying power within seconds to your home.

Why do you need a home generator?

Many people do not consider a home backup generator until their power is already off. Typically, home owners think that an outage will last several hours to a single day; however many times outages last much longer than expected which means  your home appliances and utilities become unavailable for long periods of time.

PowerPact 7,5KW Generator.png

So what are the benefits of a home backup generator?


When the power goes out, many of your home's crucial appliances and devices will power down, including but not limited to refrigerators, medical devices and heating/cooling utilities. Home generators provide sustained reliability and peace of mind knowing that you can keep your family safe while knowing the pipes won’t freeze, your food will not spoil and you can without any major inconveniences

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 6 reasons to have a  home backup generator in Ohio

Heating & Cooling

Never worry about your pipes freezing or not having air condition again with a home backup generator

Work from Home

The world has changed. A home generator can keep you online to ensure you never miss a zoom meeting.

Peace of Mind

Family is the most important thing. Mid-Ohio Generators is a family owned and operated business. Make sure they always have the resources they need.

Spoiled Food

Refrigerators and freezers are homeowners first worry when the power goes out. Keep them ice cold with a whole home backup generator.

Grid Independence

Take your home's power into your own hands. Never worry about the electrical company again.


Keep the quality of your entertainment powered-on with a home backup generator. Charge phones, stream movies and more.

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